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Active Camouflage, more commonly known as Active Camo or AvCam, is a Covenant cloaking technology which bends light around the user, making them entirely transparent. The technology isn't perfect, however, as the light distortion is still visible, especially when the user is moving, and the technology does not work effectively with energy shields. It is commonly used by Stealth Sangheili and Special operation Sangheili, but can be used by Spartans and was used by Jiralhanae Stalkers during Great schism

Significance in Halo Mega Bloks

Most, if not all Active Camo figures, have been rare exclusives. Even the rarest figure in the brand is an Active Camo Spartan with a Shotgun. Active Camo figures are molded from a colorless, translucent plastic, to give them an appearance similar to the light distortion associated with the technology. An Active Camo Spartan was seen in Series 1 of the mystery packs, coming with an assault rifle, and an Active Camo Flame Marine was seen in Series 2. An Active Camo Brute with a Spiker is included with the Battlescape, plus an Active Camo Elite with an Energy Sword is included in Series 3 of the mystery packs as well as a yellow Flight Elite with an Active Camo Energy Sword.




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