Brute Mayor
The brute chieftan is the third highest rank that a brute or jiralhanae can receive, they wear black armor with red detailing. The brute chieftains weapon of choice is the gravity hammer. Chieftains frequently use overcharged shielding technology to shrug off attacks. A new brute chieftain figure was released in 2012 alongside a new brute chopper also included with this set is the chieftain's weapon of choice, the gravity hammer

Mega have released a Tartarus figure, Tartarus being the only named Chieftan of the jiralhanae (Brutes), instead of creating a new mould for the Fist of Rukt (Tartarus' signature weapon) they have given him a Silver gravity hammer with gold detailing. This figure is going to be released in a halo 2 anniversary Battlepack which features 2 Halo 2 style brute captains, Tartarus, and two generic UNSC marines and Sgt. Avery Johnson in the Halo 2 style. This set will be released along side the new Shadow, both sets are Toys R Us Exclusives.

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