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Combat Forms are Flood-infected organisms that have been mutated for the specific purpose of fighting against organisms that attempt to attack The Flood, and also work to secure new hosts for The Flood. They differentiate based on the species of their hosts, but all possess similar characteristics and abilities. All Combat Forms seem to use bipedal organisms as hosts, and the way in which the Flood Super Cell mutates the organism seems to always be the same. The host's organs are broken down into nutrient stockpiles which are used to fuel the rest of the mutation process. A set of sensory tentacles is forced out of the chest, while the head, now a vestigial structure, is forced to the side to prevent it from obstructing these new sensory appendages. Organ-specific functions are decentralized, rendering the Combat Form highly resistant to area-specific weapons such as snipers, which will simply punch through the infected flesh without causing any significant effect. The host's musculature is destroyed and replaced with that of the Flood Super Cell, which is then connected to the remnants of the cardiovascular system. The left hand is pushed aside to make way for large, razor-sharp protrusions which sprout from the wrist, while the right hand is left relatively unchanged to allow the Combat Form to operate any weapons that the host organism is capable of operating. Combat Forms are new Flood figures that will appear in the upcoming Floodgate set.


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