Covenant Spectre Ambush
Covenant Spectre Ambush

MSR Price





1 White Elite Honor Guard
1 White Elite Commando
1 Tan Halo Wars Marine


1 Plasma Rifle
1 Focus Rifle
1 Automag
1 Missile Pod
1 Plasma Cannon (On Spectre)


1 Spectre

Item Number


Release Year


From Manufacturer

Establish your army, build and expand your units with the Halo Covenant Spectre Ambush by Mega Bloks! The Spectre is a mobile light anti-infantry and troop transport vehicle with a plasma turret that fires in a full 360-degree arc. Two Covenant Elites take aim at a lone UNSC Marine, who detaches a missile pod from its turret in a last desperate attempt to survive.


  • It is odd that this set comes with an Honor Guard Ultra as Honor Guard Ultra's are only seen on High Charity and only accompany the Prophets, so they're rarely seen outside of High Charity, this means that it is even more rare to see one using a vehicle.
  • The Commando Elite is also an odd choice as the Commando Elite was never in Halo 2 (where the Spectre is from) the Commando was only in Halo 3.


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