NA4 Defoliant Projector/M7057 Defoliant Projector


Flamethrower Marines
Mark IV Spartan II's


Anniversary Edition: Floodgate (Halo 3)
UNSC Anniversary Edition Troop Pack
UNSC Elephant

The Flamethrower is a UNSC support weapon which sprays and ignites a semi-liquid incendiary. It is mostly used by Flamethrower Marines, which are also known as Hellbringers. A new version appearerd in the Elephant set and Floodgate, which is the version used in Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 3.


NA4 Defoliant Projector (Halo Wars Version)

  • "A variety of mixtures have been created for work in various atmospheric and gravitational conditions, but they all work similarly to fry just about anything." -Anonymous Hellbringer

M7057 Defoliant Projector (Halo: Combat Evolved/Halo 3 Version)

  • "It takes a real lunatic to use a Flamethrower..." -Anonymous UNSC Marine
  • "Foxtrots die pretty quick once you put the fire to 'em. We oughta burn 'em all. Low-life *******s. Burn all those low-life Alien foxtrots." -Anonymous UNSC Marine

Version 1

Flame Thrower-V1

In Game Use

Newflamer ingame


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