This set, Forward Unto Dawn, is currently unreleased. Some details may change before the set is available in stores.
Forward Unto Dawn
Forward dawn

MSR Price





1 UNSC Officer
1 UNSC Technician
Master Chief
1 Elite Zealot


TBA UNSC Weapons
1 Sticky Detonator
1 Plasma Rifle


Charon-class Frigate

Item Number


Release Year


Forward Unto Dawn is an upcoming set, currently for pre-order.

From Mega Brands Shop

"Establish your army, build and expand your units with the Halo Signature Series: Forward Unto Dawn by Mega Bloks! The Forward Unto Dawn is a Charon-class light frigate moderately outfitted to engage enemies of similar tonnage effectively. Frigates of this class are equipped with low-to-medium grade magnetic acceleration cannons, embedded missile delivery systems, a light point defense network, and three dorsal launch bays which can effectively deploy nuclear armaments. The primary purpose of Charon-class frigates such as Dawn, is to swiftly engage and neutralize attacking threats, both at significant range and in close-quarters skirmishes, thereby making them primarily defensive in design and intent. Light frigates can also be used for escort and, less frequently, within concerted attacks against stationary targets.

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!"


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