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Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle

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1 Elite Minor
3 Grunt Minors


1 Beam Rifle



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The ghost is one of the lightest and most basic covenant vehicle and the Ghost is similar to a Mongoose in size. It the common Covenant purple coloring and has two Plasma cannons in the front. It has room for 1 mini-figure. The Ghost is used to conduct rapid attacks against enemy infantry and light vehicles, the Ghost is able to boost its speed during combat instead of firing its twin Plasma Cannons. The Ghosts lack of armor makes its pilot vulnerable to enemy fire and the vehicle itself is vulnerable to basic weaponry. The Ghost has had 3 versions so far.

Appears in

  • Hawk-03

    The new Ghost in the ODST Hawk set.

    Covenant Ghost Set
  • ODST Covert Hawk Set
  • Rocket Warthog Set
  • Versus High Ground
  • Battlescape II

From Manufacturer

  • The Covenant Ghost is a rapid assault vehicle used by Covenant Elites to stage lightning raids. Ghosts come equipped with twin plasma cannons and are powered by a Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive. The Covenant Ghost includes a Covenant Elite Guard equipped with a Covenant Beam Rifle and three Covenant Grunts.


  • Popular Xbox 360 real-time strategy video game theme
  • Special building blocks with new camouflage effect
  • Twin plasma cannons
  • 4 miniature action figures (1 Covenant Elite and 3 Covenant Grunts) with weapons


  • Spartans do not fit well in the seat of the original Ghost due to it being designed for Elites, who have legs that require different positions to fit in vehicles.


Covenant Ghost review01:36

Covenant Ghost review

In Game Use

Reach 17579923 Medium


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