Halo Mega Bloks Troop Pack


Elite Minor, Spec Ops Grunt, Chrome Jackal, 1 Spartan, 2 Marines


Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Beam Rifle, Missile Launcher, SMG, Assault Rifle



Release date



No information

Manufacturer Description

Collect and display your own Halo Universe Metal Series by Mega Bloks!

The diecast Halo Universe Battle Pack I contains highly detailed micro/miniature collectibles showcasing the action-packed intergalactic legend of Halo! This Battle Pack includes three UNSC troopers and two Covenant soldiers with precise Halo weaponry based on the authentic Halo construction sets.

As an added bonus, the Battle Pack I also contains a collectible diecast zinc Covenant figurine!

Collect, build and display your own Halo Universe!

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