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This page is a list for weapons in the Mega Bloks Halo theme. This includes both figure weapons and mounted weapons. It also has the colors and the vehicle weapons as well.

Mini Figure Weapons

  • Sub-Machine Gun - 3 variants -- grey weapon/ silver, black. The newest version is an entirely new mould
  • Silenced SMG - 2 variant -- black and black/grey
  • Plasma Pistol - 3 variants -- purple colour/ grey, purple, and yellow./ Active camo
  • Beam Rifle - 3 variants -- One is all purple. The second is purple and grey/the third is yellow, purple and grey
  • Assault Cannon -- 1 variant - grey.
  • Assault Rifle -- 5 variants -- grey/ grey, black /black/active camo, .
  • Brute Shot -- 2 variants -- grey/dark grey and light grey
  • Energy Sword -- 4 variants -- blue with active camo handle, active camo, purple, new mould for 2015
  • Magnum - 4 variants -- black, grey/ grey and black and silver and black
  • Rocket Launcher - 3 variants -- grey, grey and light silver, black.
  • Shotgun - 4 variants -- grey, silver and black, active camo.
  • Sniper Rifle - 4 variants -- grey and grey, black, and yellow, white and grey, grey, green.
  • Carbine - 2 variants --purple, purple and grey.
  • Katana - 2 variants -- black, grey.
  • Battle Rifle - 3 variants -- black / dark grey/ white, black, red.
  • Plasma Grenade - 3 variants -- /light blue/ Second purple/ painted
  • Spiker - 5 variants -- One is all grey, second is grey and steel (light black colouring), the third is active camo , dark grey and light grey (1 in 400 chance to get this one hint- hero packs) and one is all black.
  • Needler - 2 variants -- Purple and Crimson, grey (Found in Elite General drop pod)
  • Spartan Laser - 2 variants -- grey, green/grey.
  • Spike Grenade - 1 variant --black and grey
  • Gravity Hammer- 2 variants- Black (found in the Brute Chieftain Charge set) and Grey
  • Heavy machine gun - 1 variant --silver (found in Spade vs. Skirmisher set.)
  • Fuel Rod cannon--- 1 variant- green and gold.
  • Assault Cannon- hunter's weapon, 3 variants -- grey with blue detail, dark blue with green detail, gold with green detail.
  • Needle Rifle- 2 variants -- purple, pink and silver, silver.
  • Frag Grenade--- light grey and dark grey.
  • Energy Stave---1 variant--- black and gold.
  • Flamethrower---2 variants--- active camo/ grey.
  • M7507 flamethrower---2 variants--- Grey with shark mouth decal, grey with no shark detail.
  • Plasma Rifle---2 variants---Purple, Purple with blue detailing (Yellow commando elite weapon pack).
  • Mauler---2 variants--- grey, black and grey.
  • Needle rifle--- 2 variants--- purple, pink and grey/purple.
  • Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) -- 2 variants -- black, grey with orange.
  • Railgun-3 variants- grey, black, silver
  • Grenade launcher-3 variants- silver and black, black, dark grey

Mounted Weapons

Vehicle Weapons

  • Pelican (Front Mounted Machine Gun).
  • Wraith (Plasma Launcher) Plasma Turret.
  • Scorpion turret.
  • Spectre Plasma Turret.


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