ODST Covenant Invasion

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2 ODST Ground Force Specialists
1 copper Flight Elite


2 Assault Rifles
1 Plasma Pistol



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=====Prepare for the ultimate clash of land vs. air as you grind through enemy lines with the ODST Scorpion or dominate the skies with the Covenant Vampire!

A variant of the heavily armored main battle tank, The ODST Scorpion has been secretly designed for the 105th Special Forces with a stealth gray armor that emits a low RADAR detection signature. Its revamped turret houses a heavily modified 90mm High Velocity Cannon with dual recoil brakes to minimize muzzle blast for greater accuracy and stealth when firing. The Covenant Vampire is a heavily armed anti-aircraft unit with wing-mounted rotating plasma cannons and a devastating Heavy Needler with needles that really glow! Its weapon systems allow it to target one or more enemy units and fire at them at the same time! But can the air-to-air superiority of The Vampire stand up against the might of the ODST Scorpion? Or will the ODST Scorpion score a hit and down the heavily armored and maneuverable Vampire?

The fate of the battle is in your hands!

Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Redesigned ODST Scorpion main battle tank and Covenant Vampire anti-aircraft unit
  • ODST Scorpion with new turret design, stealth gray color scheme for low RADAR detection signature, modified 90mm High Velocity Cannon, M247T MMG medium machine gun and real working tank tracks
  • Covenant Vampire with dual rotating plasma cannons and edge-glow Heavy Needler spikes that glow in the dark
  • Includes 2 gunmetal ODST Ground Force Specialists, Covenant Elite Pilot with Flight Harness and weapons



ODST Covenant Invasion Review12:22

ODST Covenant Invasion Review


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