Check out these pages for more Mega Bloks Halo information:

  • halo.megabloks is the official Mega Bloks Halo website.
  • HyperBoards Bloks Forum is the most popular fourm based on Mega Bloks.
  • Blok City is a Mega Bloks wiki site for all Mega Bloks themes.
  • MegaBrands is Mega Bloks' official website.
  • ToyWiz Sell Halo Mini figures and weapons
  • Facebook is Mega Bloks Halo's official facebook profile.
  • Halo Blog is Mega Bloks' official blog on Mega Bloks Halo.
  • Spartan Bloks is the #1 fan-site for Mega Bloks Halo. Be sure to check it out. They give out news for Mega Bloks Halo. And check out their forums!
  • Bada** Toys for Bada*** Boys is a place where you can buy Mega Bloks Halo sets

For info on Halo in general, please visit:


  • Customer Service - where you can request replacements if your parts are broken, missing and/or defective.


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