Type-1 Antipersonnel Grenade




Hero Pack Series 3
Rockethog Vs AA Gun
Red Covenant Combat Unit
Versus Blue Team Weapons Pack
Covenant Strike
Covenant Crimson Combat Unit

The Plasma Grenade, also known as a sticky grenade in Halo multiplayer slang, is a Covenant grenade. It is in the Battlescape set. The plasma grenade emits hot, energized gas. The gas quickly turns to plasma, so that when it reaches the target, the outer shell of the grenade will be so hot that it will burn into and fuse to the target before exploding. Suicide Grunts detonate themselves by exploding a Plasma Grenade in each hand. In the Rockethog vs AA Gun it is not used by a Grunt, but by a Brute instead.

Picture 231

Painted plasma grenade

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