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What is your favourite figure? CQB Spartan II (Not known) ODST (Not known) Mark IV Spartan II (Not known)
What set do you want? Scarab (284) Covenant Cruiser (61) Longsword (28)
What is your favourite Halo game? Halo Reach (80) Halo: Combat Evovled (21) Halo 3 (19)
What is your favourite Mega Bloks Halo weapon? Spartan Laser (18) Assault Rifle (13) Battle Rifle (9)
What is your favourite Mega Bloks Halo vehicle? Falcon (20) Warthog/Phantom (8) Pelican (5)
What is your favourite upcoming August Mega Bloks Halo set? High Ground (55) Floodgate (33) Anniversary Edition UNSC Troop Pack (17)
What weapons should Mega Bloks make? Gravity Hammer (74) Plasma Rifle (67) DMR (31)
What would you rather get? Halo 4 (56) Halo: Combat Evovled Anniversary (26) -
What do you want the Ultra Rare to be for Series 4? Elite General (75) Brute Chieftain (25) Flood Carrier Form (22)
What would you rate this wiki on a 1-10 scale? 10 (54) 9 (9) 8 (8)
What did you think of Halo 4? Good (9) Perfect (7) Great (6)
What is your favourite alien species in Halo? Elites (6) Hunters/Brutes/Grunts (2) Prophets/Jackals/Drones/Forerunners/Flood (1)
What is your favourite Forerunner weapon? Binary Rifle (47) Incineration Cannon (26) Scattershot (21)


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