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Type-31 Rifle


Jackal snipers


UNSC Spade Vs Skirimisher
Covenant Arctic Drop Pod
Covenant Crimson Combat Unit

The Needle rifle is essentially a larger, more powerful version of the Needler, and a counterpart to the Carbine and the Battle Rifle. While it is capable of slow automatic fire, it is usually used like a semi-automatic weapon. It is headshot capable, and explodes after three hits on an unshielded target. It uses a magazine feed system, and when the weapon is empty, the scope lifts up and the magazine is ejected, much like with the Carbine. The needles of this weapon in are larger, more explosive, and have more penetration power than those of the Needler, and they also do not home in on targets.

It Will be found in the 2012 line of sets. Ones we know of so far is The UNSC Spade Vs Skirimisher, Covenant Arctic Drop Pod, Covenant Crimson Combat Unit, Covenant Drop Pod: Elite Ultra, Covenant Armory Pack II, Covenant Armory Pack


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