Sarah Palmer


Sniper Rifle




Light Grey


Spartan Assault Battle Pack

Commander Sarah E. Palmer is the commander of the SPARTAN-IV contingent on the UNSC Infinity, first appearing in Halo 4. Originally an ODST, Palmer's actions during the end of the Human-Covenant War led to her becoming one of the first candidates for the SPARTAN-IV Program. Palmer has since fought in numerous battles including a Covenant attack on Draetheus V, and two tours on the Forerunner Shield World Requiem.

Palmer first officially appears in the Spartan Assault Battle Pack, wearing her usual Scout armor and equipped with an updated Sniper Rifle. She appears alongside her now-deceased ally, Spartan Edward Davis in the set. There was a medium grey figure released in the 2013 Pelican Gunship which had the correct markings for Palmer, however the armor colour was too dark and mega never actually stated that this was Palmer unlike the new Spartan Assault pack.


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