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Flamethrower Marines are not normal Marines, they have different armour and helmets . They are also the only figures to use Flamethrowers. Their helmet is very similar to the Spartan EVA helmet. They are also known as Hellbringers (not to be confused with the ODST).


  • They use flash bang grenades
  • They can become medics and heal each other
  • They are an anti-infantry unit in Halo Wars

From Manufacturer

The Flame Marine is also known as a Hellbringer, a specialized UNSC unit trained to use a NA4 Flamethrower to eliminate enemy infantry. Their purpose is bringing the fiery wrath of Hell to the Covenant with a nasty disposition and an alien-toasting weapon. Covenant infantry can't hope to stand toe-to-toe against a Flame Marine's NA4 Flamethrower and extra-large fuel tank for prolonged heated engagements. It's up to you to defend the UNSC colonies against the Covenant threat and defend humanity's place in the galaxy!

The UNSC Red Flame Marine is a 24-piece figurine of masterful flexibility and display! With the use of magnetic parts, you can build, mix and match to create UNSC Flame Marines customized for any combat situation. The Red Flame Marine comes with pieces to create a full set of Red Flame Marine armor and a NA4 Flamethrower.

  • Ideal for children ages 8 and up.
  • MSRP: $11.99
  • Item Number: Red (29678), White (29679)


  • 6-inch magnetic action figure based on the Hellbringer Flame Marines from the award-winning Halo video game series!
  • Red Flame Marine armor, large helmet visor for increased field-of-vision and NA4 Flamethrower with fuel tank
  • 24 quick build and interchangeable parts for authentic builds and customized units
  • Encourages immersive story-telling and role-playing

Photos: Magnetic Figures

Photos: Micro Figures


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