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M831 Troop Transport

MSR Price

$24.99 £20.00




2 red Mark IV Spartan II's
1 purple Brute


1 Sniper Rifle
1 Brute Shot
1 Plasma Cannon


Troop Transport Warthog

Item Number


Release Year


The troop transport warthog is a new copy of the warthog. The M831 Troop Transport is an especially unusual variant of the basic M12 Force Application Vehicle. Rather than offensive weaponry, the M831 TT sports a troop hold, and therefore relies on small arms fire from passengers for any ranged offensive capabilities. The Transport-Hog has a red camouflage. The Warthog is the all-purpose 4x4: it moves troops, it harasses enemy vehicles, and it can drive anywhere. It can hold up to 6 soldiers; one driver, and five passengers. It holds this amount in both the game and the set, but it seems that it can hold more.

Appears In

  • Troop Transport Warthog
  • Covenant Strike


  • It is a Target exclusive in the U.S
  • It is also a Tesco exclusive in the UK

From Manufacturer

Expand your army with the Halo UNSC Troop Carrier Warthog playset by Mega Bloks! Recreate epic battle scenes between the UNSC and the Covenant with these authentic buildable vehicles! The Troop Carrier Warthog is an all-purpose 4x4 vehicle ideal for scouting across any terrain, moving troops from base to base. The Troop Carrier Warthog is built up of new red camo-effect blocks and comes equipped with roll cage, two UNSC Red Spartan-IIs and one Covenant Brute with Plasma Cannon.


  • Special roll-over cage to keep passengers safe


Review Video

UNSC Troop Transport Warthog06:23

UNSC Troop Transport Warthog

Pre Release Image

This set was originally going to be released as UNSC Red Warthog. Here is a picture of the original box art. You can see that the Warthog is less detailed, both Spartans have Pistols, there was going to be a Elite with a Energy Sword, and there is no Plasma Cannon or platform.



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